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Dear Ruby,

Thank you for your message.  I apologize for my delay in responding – my last couple days in Guangzhou were incredibly busy and I was traveling home until yesterday.  But, I am back in AZ with my family and two happy cats. I cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance in getting the cats back home safely and comfortably. You and the local Phoenix agent (and those who took care of the cats in London) did a great job.  Please find below a letter of recommendation.  We will also ask our consulate newsletter to include your info with our recommendation for other families who need the same service.

Thank you again for everything!


Ruby at Petcare Movers did an incredible job in getting our two cats from China to Arizona.  When the airlines failed us and we had to make last-minute changes to get our cats home, Petcare Movers handled the complex export requirements and logistics quickly and thoroughly, so that we didn’t have to think about it.  The cats are part of the family, so we naturally had dozens of questions about the process and several special requests.  With her years of experience and a high level of patience, Ruby walked us through everything and made sure that we were comfortable with the arrangements, staying in constant touch through email and phone.  When problems came up, like the heat restrictions that would normally keep a pet from flying into Phoenix in late May, Petcare Movers offered solutions that worked.  We were nervous that even if Petcare Movers in Guangzhou talked a good game, we didn’t know how the cats would do in transit or what the local agent in Phoenix would be like. Our fears dissolved when the local agent called to alert us that the flight would be a little late, but that they were on top of it and would deliver the cats as soon as they arrived. When the cats did arrive in an air conditioned van, they looked much better than when they normally travel as excess baggage – we would never have guessed that they just flew halfway around the world. Petcare Movers worked with responsible, professional partners who took as good care of the cats as we do ourselves. Petcare Movers took the stress out of what is usually the most stressful part of traveling around the world.  I will definitely use them again the next time we bring our cats overseas, and I would highly recommend them for any other families who travel with pets.



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