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Planning to move out of China with your pet? Spent a lot of time to look for a qualified pet relocation company? Petcare Movers is your right choice!

Petcare Movers has very rich experience on international pet relocation service, not only move your pet into China but also help you bring your pet to any corner in this world. We provide variety of services from pick up to delivery service, from assistant in applying for health certificate to meet up the veterinary. Clients can always rely on our excellent service to obtaining a nice, smooth pet relocation experience.

As a service provider, we will have our well trained, professional consultants beside you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our consultants will offer you a complete plan for you in the initial appointment. Help coordinate all the parties involved such as government registered veterinary, customs, quarantine department, airlines and agents to assure the smooth move of the process. Some times the whole process would take up to half a year from the beginning to the end.


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