Travel Advice – Pet Care Movers

What should I do before the trip?

  • Try your best to keep your usual routine and your pet’s life as normal. Also try to make your pet to be familiar with its crate.
  • Put a comfortable bed inside the crate for your pets.And make sure your pets vaccinations, flea treatments and worming are valid.  

What should I do at Pick-Up Time?

  • Do not feed your pet a full meal eight hours before the flight .
  • Bring your pet to walk or let it stretch legs before they go into the travel crate.
  • Feed the water for your pet and make sure the it’s water bottle has enough water.
  • Put a blanket, toy or something that your pet is familiar with into the crate .
  • Do not sedate your pet unless specifically recommended by a Vet.

What should I do at my new home?

  • Give your pet drinking water and a light meal as long as arrive new home.
  • Go head the normal schedule to feed your pet.

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